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JAS OSX 10.4.8 Installation Discussion / Re: Thank you so much!
« Last post by zhuanyi on November 12, 2010, 12:51:23 pm »
Glad to hear you like it, enjoy!

Thank you so so so much for a fantastic guide. Easy to understand, everything I needed explaining explained.

Everything is working perfectly and it only took a little googling to find an install file for my wireless card. Time to find out why everyone bangs on about how good OSX is!


You will need to reburn your DVD, most likely the image is corrupted.

Good luck!

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I'm stuck too, i;m getting "panic" and the errors says something abou PCI and ACPI, i dont have any option to disable ACPI in bios, only some Suspend To Ram thing, and i have no idea where that PCI error comes from.

Ive made some pictures with a cellphone, that was the only camera i had at me, i know the quality lacks
General Discussion / Should i try ?
« Last post by detective on February 07, 2008, 07:57:09 pm »
Hy, first of all i wanna say thanx for all the work and info you have done, and i cant wait to try and install OSX on my desktop, i soo hate XP.

So before i start i wanna ask some questions maybe someone has some info about any problems that may occur with my current hardware.

My pc is this:

Motherboard : AsRock NF6 with am nForce 4 chipset
GPU : and Leadtek GF8600 GT
HDD: an Western Digital IDE 160 GB
DVD: Asus 1608P2S
Memory : 2.5 Gigs consisted of two Kingston 1GB + 1 Aeneon 512
an Samsung ML1600 laser printer
XP currently installed witch offcourse i wanna keep it, make a dual boot or somethin
ADSL internet connection trough a SpeedTouch DSL Modem\Router
basic keyboard connected on PS2 port
basic optical mouse on USB
a Leadtek TV2000 Expert TvTuner
and ohh, i forgot the CPU, its an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ and yes it supports SSE2 and 3 and its an Orleans

The same ISO image from the tutorial, i will follow the tutorial

Thx, and sorry for my language, im from europe.
JAS OSX 10.4.8 Installation Discussion / HFS+ error
« Last post by supasixfo on February 05, 2008, 04:25:37 pm »
The guide is great. I did however, come across a couple problems. I had two primary partitions already for Windows XP. So, My first Mac OSX installation was on a logical drive. This epic failed. I used Partition Magic to convert the second (non system) windows partition to a logical drive. Then i nuked the original OSX install and created a new primary partition with Partition Magic. I created it right after C:\. I also left ~20MB of free allocation space for the OS selector to later install itself on. Also, make sure to go to windows xp disk management (in computer management) and select "Make Active" on the OSX partition.

I then installed OSX.

I couldn't get Acronis OS Selector 8 to work at first. It either said HFS+ error OR did not boot OSX, only into windows, regardless of what i selected in the OS selector. So what i did was install it AFTER the OSX installation. You can do this by creating a OS Selector boot CD. after the OSX install, boot of the OS selector CD. It will say it wants to create a FAT boot partition. After you restart, it will run the OS detections. IT will pick up XP pro immediately, but MAC will register as unknown.

Actually I am having the same problem.
I have used 'Disk Utility' to 'erase' the fat 32 partition to 'Mac OS Extended (Journaled)', and after the process the disk is still 'Windows fat 32' format. And installation could not find this disk.
I guess it is because I didn't format it correctly?
So it is not enough to format it to 'fat 32 primary partition'?

You will need to re-format the partition to MAC OS X during the installation using the MAC OS partition manager that is build in the installation program.

I am having the same problem as lairusi...

I have set my 10GB partition to FAT32 using Acronsis Disk Suite.
Then when I use the MAC disk utility to change the format to Mac OS Extended (Journaled), the name of the volume changes to "disk0s4" and says the format is "Windows_Fat_32"

Then I just assumed it had formatted corrrectly at first so I tryed to continue with the installation but then relised that there was a problem because there where no options for which drive to install the OS to.

Please help  :( :)
 Please do not copy the entire ISO file to your DVD, it won't work! (You can laugh at me for this, but really, people have done that before).
So what files from the iso image (once i have used winrar to read it) do i need to put on the disk? with the complete iso image on the disk it will not install as you said!
I am having a problem when I open the disk utility.  The only things that show in the left window are the dvd disk and the dvdrom.  My main hard drive and the one I just partitioned do not even show up.  I'm really at a loss here because it wont let me go on anymore.  I tried typing in sudo cfdisk to the terminal and it says there is no command for that.  Please help me out, I'd appreciate it greatly.
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