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Should i try ?


Hy, first of all i wanna say thanx for all the work and info you have done, and i cant wait to try and install OSX on my desktop, i soo hate XP.

So before i start i wanna ask some questions maybe someone has some info about any problems that may occur with my current hardware.

My pc is this:

Motherboard : AsRock NF6 with am nForce 4 chipset
GPU : and Leadtek GF8600 GT
HDD: an Western Digital IDE 160 GB
DVD: Asus 1608P2S
Memory : 2.5 Gigs consisted of two Kingston 1GB + 1 Aeneon 512
an Samsung ML1600 laser printer
XP currently installed witch offcourse i wanna keep it, make a dual boot or somethin
ADSL internet connection trough a SpeedTouch DSL Modem\Router
basic keyboard connected on PS2 port
basic optical mouse on USB
a Leadtek TV2000 Expert TvTuner
and ohh, i forgot the CPU, its an AMD Athlon 64 3500+ and yes it supports SSE2 and 3 and its an Orleans

The same ISO image from the tutorial, i will follow the tutorial

Thx, and sorry for my language, im from europe.


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