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Question someone has raised, do not PM if question is not confidential


First, thanks for the question.
However, please do not PM me if the question does not contain any personal information, it will not make your question answered any sooner since PM does not really get to my email.
For your question, I would recommend you to re-download the ISO image and burn it to DVD again, please use slow speed to burn the DVD (x4 is what I used) and please make sure you are burning the contents in the DVD image, not the image itself.

Thanks and good luck!


--- Quote from: damo960 on August 12, 2007, 05:08:27 pm ---hi
having few probs

when inserting dvd to boot from i get error
memory alloction error (0xdeadbeef, 0x0)
this happens on both my pc and laptop any ideas?

--- End quote ---


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